TEDX: Why Hustle Doesn't Lead to Success

Hustle culture has become prevalent in the 21st century within the entrepreneurial community. However, working harder and longer is not always the answer. In this talk, Rian breaks down a smarter path to success.


How to Get Into the Flow State with Kerwin Rae

Imagine being able to tune your brain to where it’s fully focused and immersed in the zone. This can be achieved via a Flow State. Flow can create peak performers and get your creative juices flowing. Listen to this episode with Kerwin Rae and the Co-Founder of Flow Research Collective, Rian Doris, and learn how you can do this too.

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How to feel less overwhelmed in the midst of a global pandemic.

With the uncertainty of COVID-19, a lot of us are feeling anxious—and rightly so. We’re in unprecedented territory, and not knowing what will happen next is unsettling. Your nervous system doesn’t have to be an enemy, though, and it can work for you if you understand it, says Rian Doris, cofounder of Flow Research Collective, a performance consulting firm.

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Cultivating the optimal experience of life

Flow is defined as an optimal state of consciousness and is considered to be the optimal experience of life. This episode helps you to understand and increase your time in flow, so you can get the most out of every aspect of your life. Flow dramatically increases every measure of performance you can imagine, as well as your subjective quality of life experience.

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How to maximize performance and minimize stress during the COVID-19 pandemic

Flow Research Collective COO Rian Doris explains how to harness the power of your nervous system to find your flow during a pandemic.

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To get in the zone, chase the ‘flow state’

You’ve probably heard it called something like being in the zone; you’ve probably experienced it, too. That time you shook two defenders to score a clutch goal; the first time you nailed that guitar solo. Maybe the time you blazed through stack of paperwork without noticing a half-hour had gone by.

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How The COVID Crisis May Help You Get Into A Flow State: 5 Suggestions For Achieving Mental Flow With Your Work

When elite athletes or artists get into a “flow state—a zone of ideal performance—it feels great and produces significant outcomes. In today’s COVID-created circumstances of uncertainty and struggle, it can seem like an achievement just to make it from your morning coffee to your evening glass of wine. But, believe it or not, a flow state may be more possible today than ever.

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