Flow Triggers with Fomula 1

The main motivation for this study is to improve driver performance using a more comprehensive understanding of flow science.

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Flow and Business Success

Flow Research Collective and Deloitte’s Center for the Edge team up to compare flow experienced on the job to Deloitte’s standard metrics for engagement.

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Flow and Creativity

Creativity is arguably one of the most important 21st century tools and, similar to flow states, it involves a state of consciousness rather than a discrete set of skills.

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Flow & Psychedelics with MAPS

The overarching mission of this study is to improve our understanding of how mental, physical and environmental variables impact peak-experiences. Simply put, this means looking at how a wide span of variables (music, people, surroundings, substances, etc.) relate to “good” and “bad” psychedelic experiences and powerful flow states.

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Contributing Editor of The Developing Mind

Rian Doris worked directly with Dr. Dan Siegel and his team of researchers to help build the second edition of "The Developing Mind", one of the best selling and most reputable textbooks in psychology.